InteractEd Virtual Hub 🎓

InteractEd Virtual Hub 🎓

An Interactive virtual classroom

Published Mar 3, 2024
Hi everyone,
I'm thrilled to present the application InteractEd Virtual Hub, I developed using AWS Party Rock for the DevPost hackathon. This app enhances learning with SciWonders and Artsphere Gallery, including a chatbot for text and image generation.
Community Impact:
  • Enhanced Learning: Engage students interactively for deeper understanding.
  • Accessible Learning: Chatbot support caters to diverse learning styles.
  • Collaborative Learning:** Fosters community and collaborative experiences.
Adoption Plans:
  • Education Outreach: Partnering with institutions for piloting and feedback.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Targeted campaigns for educators, students, and parents.
Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock:
  • Architectural: Microservices, serverless computing, and containerization.
  • Model Selection: ML models for text and image generation, NLP models for chatbot.
  • Integration: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, and Amazon DynamoDB for enhanced functionality.
Both AWS Party Rock and Amazon Bedrock enable us to positively impact education by revolutionizing learning experiences.