Nail Job Interviews with PartyRock Interview Hammer

Nail Job Interviews with PartyRock Interview Hammer

Reduce interview stress by preparing better. Interview Hammer gives priceless insights and question examples tailored to a concrete job description.

Published Mar 5, 2024
Last Modified Mar 6, 2024
"After making important decisions on their career path, my clients feel inspired and encouraged. They are ready to move forward and start looking for a job. But this process can be stressful: technical interviews require a lot of preparation and can go unexpectedly. Example questions can be found online but they are broad. And I started to think: how can I support my clients in their journey?"
Costa Petrashka, a professional coach, wanted to help individuals get ready for technical interviews in a more personalized and targeted manner. He paired up with his wife Darya to create Interview Hammer, a tool designed to assist individuals in preparing for technical interviews by generating tailored questions based on job descriptions. The resulting application combines Costa's expertise in career coaching and Darya's experience working with generative AI models.
Darya Petrashka, a data scientist and Interview Hammer co-creator, suggested generative AI usage for the interview preparation: "Given the recent success of large language models that can efficiently analyze and extract insights from a text, they become a valuable source of inspiration. PartyRock makes it even easier: no need to train, fine-tune, or deploy models. No need to programmatically create a UI. All can be set up in minutes."
Interview Hammer benefits from a simple design: a user needs only to copy and paste a job description. The rest is generated by AI models: the main areas to focus on and specific technical questions (two difficulty levels). There is also a career chat to get example answers or receive advice.
Costa: "We tested Interview Hammer with various job description formats and it was successful at providing a key skill set. We suggest starting preparation from this area to overcome the frustration or feeling of being blocked. This can significantly reduce the amount of received stress. Candidates tend to become more focused, and their confidence level increases."
Costa has already started to suggest the application to his clients. The feedback is positive: job seekers find it useful when they are stuck with no idea what to expect from the upcoming interview. Interview Hammer is helpful when it comes to focusing on what is essential for a given job role. They also like the generated questions that often give fresh thoughts during the interview preparation process.
"Interview Hammer is a great tool to start preparing for an interview, it will break down the job description text into questions and suggest which topics require particular attention."
- Vasil, lead software engineer.
Costa and Darya plan to develop the application: "While we already see the positive impact on job-seeking professionals, we don't want to stop. One potential idea is to consider the company's structure and culture when generating interview questions: a similarly worded Python developer position in a start-up and a corporation would have different responsibilities and expectations."
If you are going through the interviewing process, don't hesitate to test Interview Hammer!
Costa and Darya would love to hear your feedback, questions, or suggestions!