Language in the Lab:

Language in the Lab:

An application that generates a virtual lab of sorts, based on the language the user is comfortable using.

Published Mar 8, 2024
Greetings, AWS Community!
Isn’t it always easier to understand what is said in your own language? Every word, every nuance—you understand it all so well since it's been embedded in your brain for so long.
  • Imagine if all those science experiments that were taught to you in school were in your native language and you’d figure them out immediately, or if you wanted to learn about something that you heard about but didn’t quite get it. We bring to you “Language in the Lab," created with the help of AWS Partyrock, the virtual laboratory that explains all that you need from it in the language that you are comfortable with.
How does it work?
Now this application is based on what you, as a user and a learner, require. It's pretty simple and seamless; you enter your preferred language, the field of study, and the experiment that you’re interested in learning about, and voila! It generates it all for you.
Starting with the procedure of your chosen experiment, it explains the basic working principles while guiding you through it. Understanding the procedure is an important aspect of an experiment, especially in a virtual environment, so we provide you with a small quiz to test your brain on the insights you gather. We also provide you with an AI chatbot that will answer any questions you have regarding the experiment. We also provide an AI-generated image, which gives you an overview of the entire experiment.
Community Impact
We wanted to build this project as a way to help all those who want to learn in the language they are comfortable with. It is not restricted to any age group and can be used by all, as it is simple to use and gives a basic explanation of the process. 
This application is solely based on what the user gives as input and generates the outcomes that are required from it. What we believe we can do to make the experience better is to make it more interactive. Learning in a virtual environment can be a bit tricky, but an interactive element always manages to get the point across. We believe we can work on such elements moving forward in addition to refining the existing ones and, hence, providing a better environment for all the users.
Here’s the link. Test the app and let us know your feedback!
Language in the Lab: Virtual Science Experiments for Multilingual Learning