Amazon Connect Integration with Gen-AI

Amazon Connect Integration with Gen-AI

Amazon Cloud base Contact Center integration with Amazon Q Gen AI-powered technology.

Published Mar 4, 2024
Amazon Connect stands as intuitive cloud-based contact/call center service. In this blog I will walk through the Amazon Connect deployment process, highlighting key aspects such as integration with an external identity provider and incorporation of generative AI-powered assistance.
The solutions I used for this blog are
Prerequisite you will need to setup AWS Managed Active Directory. Here is link I wrote. Also AWS Administrator IAM role. The time I am writing this blog Amazon Connect is supporting only two (US East 1 and US West 2) regions.
  • Setting up Amazon Connect
    • Login AWS account and browser Amazon Connect service: https://us-east-1.console.aws.amazon.com/connect/v2/app/instances?region=us-east-1
    • Click "Add an instance"
    • At "Set identity" select "Link to an existing directory" and select Active Directory you want to use for Amazon Connect.
      Amazon CX Set identity
    • At Administrator step you can select "No administrator" for right now. (Hint: you can set administrator later)
    • Set telephony step check both "Allow incoming calls" and "Allow outgoing calls"
    • At Data storage step keep everything default unless you want to use S3 bucket you already created.
      Amazon Connect Data storage
    • At Review and create step please carefully review everything if require add tags then click Create instance.
  • Access to Amazon Connect virtual contact center instance
    • After Amazon Connect instance is Active, click instance alias
    • At the Account overview page click the "Log in for emergency access" top right for add users from Active Directory.
    • Under User Management select Add new users: select the user and at Settings pls choose right security profile and right routing profile. (hint: create admin user with Admin Security and basic routing profiles) Then click Save.
      User Management
    • After create flows claim the phone number and associate with Contact flow/IVR. Under the channels on left menu bar select phone number and claim.
  • Integration with Amazon Q
    • Open Amazon Connect console https://us-east-1.console.aws.amazon.com/connect/v2/app/instances?region=us-east-1
    • Select the instance created above
    • On the left side choose Amazon Q and choose Add domain then create a domain
    • Create an AWS KMS key using below code and replace account number.
    • Select Symmetric and click next then give meanful alias name and description
    • On the review page end below code (replace your account number)
  • Add domain
  • Create S3 bucket in same account and upload documents for testing (pdf, words and etc..,)
  • On the Add integration page, choose Create a new integration and source as S3 buck. Browse the S3 bucket you created.
  • Under encryption select KMS key your created.
  • Then choose Next and Add integration.
  • After successful integration you can go Agent Workspace or https://instance name.my.connect.aws/agent-app-v2/
  • Now you can search Amazon Q manually or Amazon Q will listen between Agent and Customer.

    Cloud base contact center is integrated with Amazon Q (Gen AI-powered) and managed users with Amazon managed Active Directory.