Interactive Learning with Assessment

Interactive Learning with Assessment

End to End interactive learning with added assessments and analytics

Published Mar 4, 2024
I have a dream to create end-to-end interactive learning app. party rock makes my dream true.
I believe in "assess the skills acquired after learning". This small idea i have transformed it to the main feature of the app - "To test the user learned knowledge with the help of interactive assessment."
If the user answers the question wrongly, The chat interface will try to give explanation where the user understanding gone wrong.
please just enter topic name under "Topic" widget.
1) As soon as user enters "Topic name", The widget "Topic explanation", will provide point wise explanation of the topic.
2) Next by using widgets "Topic Explanation" and "Topic Input", The widget "Image representation" will provide a visual aid representation of "Topic Explanation" and "Topic Input" which should help the learning experience of the user. It provides relevant info-graphs, charts, flow charts and images wherever applicable.
3) Next there is a chat interface which will answer the questions for the learned knowledge.
4) Next there is a chat interface for "interactive assessment".
5) Next "Text Analytics" widget provides the overall analytics based on the "Assessment" widget.
Community Impact: It will positively impact how we learn because the app consist of interactive assessment as main feature.
Please try my app at https://partyrock.aws/u/karteek95/AE30n97_W/Interactive-Topic-Learning-and-Assessment-App
How to interact? see video at https://youtu.be/KWPCHpU9FbE