TalentInsight: CV Screening & Analysis with AWS PartyRock

TalentInsight: CV Screening & Analysis with AWS PartyRock

TalentInsight streamlines CV screening for HR professionals, offering comprehensive analysis and job fit assessment, revolutionizing the hiring process

Published Mar 4, 2024
** Elevate Your Hiring: Precision CV Screening & Analysis with TalentInsight **


This application aims to facilitate HR professionals and users in the CV screening process to make it more effective. The application matches candidates' skills with job requirements, providing summaries and recommendations for HR/users.

How to Use

To use the application, HR or users simply input the candidate's skills or work experience and the requirements of the job opening. The application automatically generates a summary and recommendations.

Community Impacts

  • Potential Benefits: Assisting HR/users in screening job applicants' CVs effectively, providing insights, recommendations, and summaries of candidates.
  • Real-world Application:
    • Accelerating HR/users in effectively screening job applicants' CVs against job openings they have.
    • Assisting HR professionals who may not be familiar with the requirements of job openings. For instance, if an HR professional is not from the tech industry but is hiring for a tech-related position, the application provides Q&A with a chatbot for brainstorming and insights.
    • Ensuring more accurate CV screenings and reducing the possibility of bias.
  • Plans for Encouraging Adoption
    • The application can fetch data from LinkedIn, Github, or other candidate portfolios.
    • Data scraping from the internet, such as job postings or candidate data.

Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock

If PartyRock wasn't available, we would have utilized models like Amazon Titan or others within Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, we would have explored features like database or storage (e.g., S3) to store candidate CV data before extraction and processing within Amazon Bedrock. To support rapid CV screening, we might have used Amazon Lambda in combination with Amazon SQS/Event Bridge.
Moreover, we aim to integrate services supporting data translation to accept inputs in various languages, such as Indonesian, which is commonly used in our context.

Project Story

This application was inspired by my collaboration with HR professionals, where I often assist in screening CVs. The CV screening process can be time-consuming, especially with a large number of applicants. It's also challenging to ensure candidates fit the job responsibilities, requirements, and existing company culture.
Some HR professionals struggle to determine if a candidate's skills match job requirements due to their limited knowledge, especially in technical roles. For instance, distinguishing between .NET Core and .NET Framework can be confusing. The Q&A chatbot in this program aims to assist HR professionals in clarifying such queries.
Future iterations of the application may involve incorporating company culture or core values to assess candidate fit. Additionally, integrating personality type assessments and other information aims to enhance the application's accuracy.
Furthermore, we seek to support multiple languages, including Indonesian, to broaden the application's usability.