Generate Viral Content in Minutes: Made for Social Media Writers.

Generate Viral Content in Minutes: Made for Social Media Writers.

"Now I don’t need a cabin in the woods, whiskey and a cigar to get inspiration for my writing, I have The ✍ Content Matrix App".

Published Mar 7, 2024
Last Modified Mar 8, 2024

This the story of my app Content Matrix.

The story of my app didn’t start from the problem, but finding a great product a playground, and an innovative technology bundled into to super easy and free interface. That is PartyRock by AWS.
I always wanted to pursue writing, well digital writing, but never consistent enough to gain anything meaningful from it. Firstly, I was never a great writer, so I had to learn tips and tricks on writing social media. People who write develop clear thinking and get authority as a result. But it’s so hard to do.
Writer’s block is the primary issue content creators face. Then there’s credibility issues, idea generation issues and so forth. I had all those issues. As soon as I found PartyRock I decided to create an app to address this. That is the birth of "✍Content matrix: Generate Unlimited Viral Content for Social Media".

✍ Content Matrix is a content generator for writers who want to publish social media content regularly. It is created with carefully crafted prompts to give the best input. The process starts with input for a niche topic. Any topic would do, the more specific the better. Content Matrix will then create multiple variations to write about. Next, you can choose a variation to create an attention-grabbing title. By the way, variations and titles are designed in such a way that the possibility of the article going very high. Finally, the Content Matrix will create an article based on the chosen variation and headline.

Following is an output created for my passion projects.

🙌 Niche: "Day trading the US100 index using CFDs".
Here are 10 high quality niche ideas for "Day trading the US100 index using CFDs":

👌 Variations

Use limit orders instead of market orders to get better fills when entering and exiting trades. Set your limits just above or below key support and resistance levels.
Analyse the US100's price action around major economic data releases for potential breakout opportunities. Pay attention to volatility and volume spikes.
Aspire to become an elite day trader by meticulously tracking your trades, controlling risk, and continuously refining your strategy through back testing. Greatness comes through discipline.
Study how other successful US100 day traders operate. Observe their strategies, psychology, and habits. Adopt the best practices that align with your personality.
When everyone is bullish, consider shorting. When everyone is bearish, consider buying. Sentiment extremes often reverse in financial markets.
Observe how the US100 reacts to technical levels like round numbers, moving averages, and prior swing highs/lows. These tend to act as magnets for price action.
Currently, increased volatility presents day traders with more breakout opportunities on the US100. Ride the momentum but be nimble.
Algorithmic trading will become more prevalent in the future, increasing competition. Adopt new technologies early to keep your edge.
5 Tips for Day Trading the US100 Index Successfully: 1) Use limit orders; 2) Watch economic releases; 3) Control your risk; 4) Take profits quickly; 5) Review your trades each day.
X vs Y:
Day trading the US100 provides more reliable breakout opportunities than small cap stocks. The higher liquidity and participation make for better momentum trading conditions.

Variation I chose: "Listicle" for a 👏 Viral Titles: These were the 5 viral listicle titles I got for a social media article on day trading the US100 index using CFDs:

  1. Traders Hate Him! See How This Guy Makes $10,000 a Day Trading the US100 with CFDs
  2. The Top 7 Mistakes Beginners Make When Day Trading the US100 Index (And How to Avoid Them)
  3. Day Trading the US100 Index? Here Are 5 CFD Strategies the Pros Use to Crush the Market
  4. Think Day Trading the US100 is Too Risky? These 3 Tips Will Show You How to Trade It Safely
  5. Sick of Your Day Job? Learn How to Quit and Day Trade the US100 Full Time with These 7 Steps

🎉 Article: I chose "Think Day Trading the US100 is Too Risky? These 3 Tips Will Show You How to Trade It Safely"

Think Day Trading the US100 is Too Risky? These 3 Tips Will Show You How to Trade It Safely

Trading the US100 index using CFDs can seem daunting for beginners. The high volatility and leverage make it easy to lose money fast if you don't know what you're doing. But with the right strategies, day trading the US100 can be done safely and profitably.
Set stop losses on every trade. The US100 often moves hundreds of points per day. So you need to set stop losses on every trade to limit potential losses. A good rule of thumb is to risk no more than 1-2% of your account per trade. This ensures one losing trade won't wipe out your account.
Trade the first hour only. The first hour after the US open tends to see the biggest moves. There's higher volatility and more trading opportunities. After 10am EST, volume dies down as European traders close positions. Only trade the first hour when liquidity and volatility are highest.
Use small position sizes. Even with stop losses, trading a large position is risky. It's better to use small position sizes of 5-10 contracts when day trading the US100. This lets you capitalize on opportunities without overexposing yourself. You can always add to winning trades, but start small.
In summary, day trading the US100 carries risks but can be done safely. Using stop losses, limiting yourself to only trading the first hour, and using small position sizes are key tips. Follow these and you can successfully day trade the US100 index using CFDs.