Personalized Career Roadmap

Personalized Career Roadmap

Meet Career Roadmap. Given career goal and time, app will give you skills expected from that role, recommend courses, books, certifications, and projects you can proactively work to gain those skills.

Published Mar 7, 2024
With vast information available on the Internet, it can be challenging where to begin, especially if you trying to do a career change. From courses, certifications, books to project - finding it all in one place is difficult - especially for all possible career goal. Career Roadmap app, hosted on Amazon Web Services PartyRock, aims to bridge that gap by giving you all the information in one place. The app aims to provide anyone at any stage in finding right courses, certifications, books, and projects to achieve their dream career position.
Career Roadmap is simple to use. It asks for only two inputs - career goal, and goal time frame (default to 1 year). Based on the inputs, it will give you general information about that goal such as expected skills to be successful at that position. Then next few sections shows recommended courses, books, certifications, and projects to gain those skills. Finally, it gives you roadmap on time and topic you should be spending each month considering you are working a full-time. Lastly, all things consider, Career Advisor chat can answer all your burning question, if you have so!
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