What is your favorite technical book and why?

What is your favorite technical book and why?

Join me at the watercooler to answer today's question.

Jenna Pederson
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 11, 2024
During a call with my teammates last week, we started chatting about our favorite technical books. After confessing to my team that I still have my text book from my Computer Organization class because I loved the class so much, I had to think a little bit. I answered with The Pragmatic Programmer. The ideas and values in this book have stuck with me throughout my career and I pride myself on bringing a pragmatic lens to all the problems we solve each day.
And this got me wondering how the Community.aws community (that's you!) would answer this question, so I want to pose it to you:

What is your favorite technical book and why?

My To Be Read list is a mile long, but I'm always looking to expand my brain around technical topics and find ways to get away from a computer screen. Drop your favorite technical book in the comments below and maybe you can add something new to your To Be Read list.

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