Introducing "Mom's Helpful Guide" - Ultimate Companion in Parenting

Introducing "Mom's Helpful Guide" - Ultimate Companion in Parenting

Hey parents & caregivers! Excited to unveil Amazon PartyRock - Hackathon's game-changer: "Mom's Helpful Guide App"! Tailored for new moms but helpful for all, it revolutionizes parenthood's chaos.

Published Mar 11, 2024
Mom's Helpful Guide App created using Amazon PartyRock is an easy-to-use app for anyone who needs help or guidance with taking care of their Baby child.
Most times it can be challenging to understand the current stage of your child, most especially a week to two-month-old baby when you don't want to be calling your hospital every time or just to save yourself some time and transportation fees. With this easy-to-use app, you can ask questions like, "How do I know when my 9-day-old baby is hungry"?
Here is a guide to help you care for your newborn baby;
1) Widget to input your details: A free widget has already been created for you where you will put your baby's name and age. This information helps the app to know the exact result you will need.
Created widgets for you to put your Baby's name and age
2) Feeding Tips And Soothing Techniques: Here is another free widget for you that has already been created for your use. The App generates these "Feeding Tips And Soothing Techniques" as soon as the baby's Name and baby's Age are filled in.
Feeding Tips and Soothing Techniques
3) Ask an expert: This widget has been created for you so that you easily interact with the App by asking questions like, " What does it mean when my baby folds her hands"?
Ask the expert
4) Create or Edit widgets: You can also choose to create more widgets or edit them. You also have the fun to move these widgets around.
Add or edit widgets
5)Share; You have the choice to share by copying the link to the app.
Here is the link to the app: https://partyrock.aws/u/Mosessings/sTk2z4qSB/Mommy's-Helpful-Guide