Your Story, Your Symphony: Composing the Narrative of Your Life.

Your Story, Your Symphony: Composing the Narrative of Your Life.

A journey towards giving everyone access to express themselves through music

Published Mar 8, 2024
A person spends an average of 20hrs a week listening to music. Music has influenced people worldwide, everyone enjoys listening to music, and everyone has a story, music is not like language that has barriers, almost everyone feels and understand the music someone puts out, its that person's story that everyone experiences.

Building Your Symphony

Rookie Try
The partyrock app was amazing to interact with, my goal was to build the best version a person can have to generate a song, i first hand drew the layout of the first version than i used the prompt to generate the skeleton structure, later i optimized the prompts. The first version wasn't great it felt like i was not making the most of the tools available
Asking the right questions??
Next i tried asking the right questions for music composition eventually landing on essential components of music which were the song, chords and melody, i made sure that users story was integral in making of the song, since a person wants to express their story, also its a therapeutic experience in different times for them to listen to it and helps them transform their emotions.
Becoming a prompt engineering ninja
Next i optimized the prompt for song generator (based on story, artist influence and emotion the user want to evoke), and from it derived the song essence that would be combined with the art director/graphic designer that the user likes, to build the cover art versions.
Why not utilize the chat plugin i thought, so i gave the user some useful prompts to explore there art, like understanding their hardships from a different perspective, generating chords for their song and much more.
The essentials
Now the user has the essentials that can be built with partyrock platform, a song, and cover art samples. Further they can get chord progressions by using the chat feature.


Try it out here : Your-Symphony

Community Impact

  • Empowerment and Representation: Allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their stories through music and visual art, promoting inclusivity and representation within the community.
  • Creative Outlet: Providing a creative outlet for individuals to express themselves artistically, fostering a sense of fulfillment and personal growth.
  • Community Engagement: Facilitating collaboration and interaction among community members(users, producers, graphic designers) as they share and engage with each other's stories and creations.
  • Emotional Connection: Fostering emotional connection and empathy within the community as listeners resonate with the personal narratives conveyed through the music and cover art.
  • Accessibility to Arts: Increasing accessibility to the arts by providing a user-friendly platform for individuals to create and share music and visual art, regardless of their artistic background or resources.
  • Cultural Preservation: Serving as a means of preserving and sharing cultural heritage and traditions through music and visual storytelling within the community.
  • Artistic Exploration: Encouraging artistic exploration and experimentation as individuals use the app to create and share music and visual art inspired by their personal narratives.

Alternative development scenario with Amazon Bedrock

Model Selection from Amazon Bedrock
  • Claude for song generation
  • Stable diffusion for cover art generation
Architectural design
  • API Gateway: Create RESTful APIs for additional services integration as mentioned below.
  • DynamoDB: Store user projects
  • S3: Store static assets : cover art, chord music, vocals.
  • Elastic Beanstalk: Used for deploying the web app with AWS.
  • AWS Lex: Allow the user to write their stories using voice.
  • AWS Iam: To manage users, producers and graphic designer who would collaborate(which encapsulates the security feature of amazon bedrock for all assets).
  • Serverless architecture to optimize resource utilization and minimize operational costs.

Additional services

Rough sketch of additional APIs integration
As the saying goes Don't reinvent the wheel, instead realign it. This way we can specialize the platform for music composition.
API Integration diagram
High level architecture

The Final Result

Including the above integrations now we have the essentials for the user to collaborate with a producer, which is chord music, melody(on which the user can sing and upload it to Partyrock which will be stored on S3), and vocals. All they need to do is share the files with a buddy producer and they will have a full fledged song.
Also they can share there cover arts with a graphic designer to collaborate on the project seamlessly with S3 storage.
All together we can build a hub where users, producers and graphic designers can collaborate on releasing high quality music art. In future producers and graphic desingers will have scaled and get to work with many young minds worldwide.