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Published Mar 9, 2024
Q: Community Impact: Describe how your project can positively affect your target community. Discuss the potential benefits, envisioned real-world application, and any plans for encouraging adoption.
A: Our application is targeted at the educational field, and it is of great help to both teachers and students.
Teacher - It can be used to prepare tutorial lessons in advance, to understand the general teaching process of this class and its topic, so as to facilitate more organized tutoring sequence inside class. The in-class quiz and homework widgets provided can also be used as references for real-life assignments.
Students - They can now learn at any time, anywhere, with just connect to the Internet to ask questions about an aspect of one concerned topic. From the course outline to specific question answering, the application will first outline the process of the knowledge point involved in the course, and then guide students to gradually understand and solve the problem. After solving the problems raised by the students, additional small quizzes related to the problem will be provided to help students draw inferences from other situations. Student can have a chance to answer these, while the application will release corresponding marking and explaining automatically by side. After this virtual course, some homeworks will also be assigned to students based on the topic of the questions to further consolidate their knowledge.
Additionality - At the bottom of the application, quizzes and homework answers will be provided, as well as a summary of this whole virtual course. In addition, there are additional feedback and suggestion boxes for students, as well as an AI assistants for real-time consultation.
The above are some targeted user groups and workflow steps for this application. After being launched in the education market, this application can be directly used for individual teachers, students, and parents, as well as for educational institutions and groups such as schools. Its deployment, usage, and maintenance costs are very low, but it can provide teachers with a better lesson preparation experience, provide students with immersive tutoring experiences, and also be used by some parents after class to better assist and tutor children in their unknown areas. Empowering AI applications in the field of education can better provide resources for education and teaching, and offer students more possibilities.