Lighting up learning with creativity

Lighting up learning with creativity

Introducing "Bright Sparks Trainer"

Published Mar 9, 2024
Last Modified Mar 10, 2024
Hey everyone!
I'm excited to share my second PartyRock hackathon project after Chat with History: Bright Sparks Trainer. Created with AWS Party Rock, this app transforms training sessions into more than just slides and talk. Whether you're in the same room or on a Zoom call, Bright Sparks Trainer makes learning interactive, fun, and most importantly, effective.
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Bright Spark Trainer - Top Page

How it started

As a Training Manager, the inspiration for Bright Sparks Trainer came from my own experiences. There were times when I'd look out over my sessions and think, I can do better than this. The content was valuable, but I felt the delivery could be more dynamic a]nd engaging. I wanted a tool offering ideas to make even dry subjects into compelling learning experiences. Bright Sparks Trainer emerged from this desire to enhance training facilitation, making sessions not just informative, but genuinely enjoyable.
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"Training Plan" widget
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Community Impact

Bright Sparks Trainer can positively affect my target community by injecting creativity into training sessions. It aims to boost engagement, enhance understanding, and make knowledge stick. For educators and trainers, it turns "another session" into the day's highlight. For learners, it sparks curiosity and genuine love for learning. The potential applications are endless, from schools to workplaces!

Alternative Development Scenario

If PartyRock wasn't available, and we had to build Bright Sparks Trainer with Amazon Bedrock instead, I don't think much would change regarding the app's mission. Bedrock's solid platform offers a great foundation for developing AI-driven applications. I would still focus on crafting personalised content, quizzes, and exercises, but perhaps dive deeper into Bedrock's analytics to further tailor the learning experience. The essence of making learning engaging and effective would remain, though I might leverage different tools and services.
Bright Spark Trainer app Case example
Bright Spark Trainer: Use example
Example Learning Plan in Case Scenario
Bright Spark Trainer: Use example

Practical Applications

Bright Spark Trainer makes learning more interesting by suggesting activities and interactive elements based on training needs. It helps trainers and educators make sessions more dynamic and appealing. Suggesting tailored activities, games, and interactive elements transforms the yawn-inducing into heck, that's interesting!
Example of training activities and ideas in the case scenario
Bright Spark Trainer: Use example
For example, it could suggest team-building exercises fostering collaboration or game-like scenarios for problem-solving skills development. Such applications make learning more engaging for employees and contribute to a more cohesive, dynamic workplace culture.
In schools, the app could assist teachers in creating interactive lessons encouraging student participation and curiosity. Whether through interactive quizzes or collaborative projects, it supports educators in delivering captivating content enhancing the learning experience.
AI Assistant widget case scenario
Example of the AI Assistant "Brighty"


Training sessions should create an environment where everyone feels comfortable learning at their own pace, trying new things, and especially during software training, discovering how to make everything click right.
Learning shouldn't feel like a chore; it can and should be fun and enjoyable!

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