BankWise: Boosting Mid-Career with Future-Ready Skills

BankWise: Boosting Mid-Career with Future-Ready Skills

Explore how reskilling with future-enabled skills can transform the careers of mid-career professionals. Discover how BankWise, an AI-powered tool designed to tailor learning experiences, makes the transition not just possible but impactful.

Published Mar 10, 2024
In today's rapidly evolving job market, the necessity to reskill our workforce for future-enabled skills is paramount, particularly for mid-career professionals. Mid-career professionals bring a rich reservoir of domain knowledge and priceless experience. When this is paired with future-enabled skills, it creates a significant impact for careers and organizations.
Community Impact
Large organizations, as well as national governments, are well aware of this. Singapore, for example, has developed a detailed Job Transformation Map for Financial Services - with FutureSkills required for 117 common roles - see an example below.
Job Transformation Map for "Branch Operations" Role
The government of Singapore has also announced a $4,000 SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career) top-up from 1 May 2024.
Among the hottest Future-Enabled skills is Data Analytics, a field ripe with opportunity for those looking to pivot their careers. With Financial Services offering attractive remuneration and a high demand for Data Analytics skills, it's a prime sector for mid-career switchers.
However, the journey for mid-career professionals transitioning into Financial Services Data Analytics is fraught with challenges. The sector's vast landscape includes numerous sub-domains (like Credit Cards), each with its unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), processes, and data structures, necessitating a steep learning curve. Additionally, the high-stakes, delivery-focused environment of Financial Services demands that newcomers deliver tangible results from day one.
Enter BankWise, an AI-powered tool designed to smooth the transition for mid-career professionals into the realm of Financial Services. Unlike generic learning platforms, BankWise offers a tailored experience that allows users to focus on specific banking sub-domains, such as credit cards or retail banking. This customization extends to learning about the domain through data analytics lenses—covering KPIs, key processes, and typical data structures, along with peripheral skills like process re-engineering and application architecture.
BankWise's approach is hands-on and pragmatic, enabling users to delve into specific frameworks, such as how to conduct experimentation to enhance credit card offer uptake . Furthermore, it will identify the typical AI problem statements in sub-domain of interst , guiding users on identifying key data features, model evaluation, and best practices on applying the AI model for decision making.
For mid-career professionals eyeing a switch to Data Analytics within Financial Services, BankWise stands out as a beacon, offering a path to not only acquire future-enabled skills but also to apply their seasoned experience in a manner that creates significant economic impact.
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