I made a Login Page Builder in PartyRock_Hackaton

I made a Login Page Builder in PartyRock_Hackaton

An app to help build more apps, what about it?

Published Mar 10, 2024
Firstly, I was apprehensive about participating because my country is on the list of countries that cannot participate in the hackathon (Brazil), I don't know why.
I thought I wouldn't even be able to create an account or continue with the project, but I still decided to try, after all this is a unique and incredible opportunity for me, this is the first hackaton I've participated in.
So here I am sharing a little about my journey and how my app can impact the community:
Many people sometimes want to produce something for the internet and have their own websites or platforms, but it is often complicated, an app that could produce a website or a platform just with natural language commands would be great, wouldn't it? This project, in my opinion, would be the first step towards simplifying this.
So here is the link for you to test this application: