Yaari Dosti - Responsible pet ownership starts here!

Yaari Dosti - Responsible pet ownership starts here!

Your friend to take care of your pets, no matter the species. From knowing foods to medical needs to interesting facts.

Published Mar 10, 2024
Taking this PartyRock Hackathon as an opportunity to help devoted Pet Owners. This idea of building an application that can help pet owners take care of their pets of any category started from my own struggle to take care of my dog and cattle. We know a few basic things like grass is good for cows and a few foods for dogs, etc... But the actual struggle starts when we keep googling always before we want to feed something. It takes a lot of research from various sources. Sometimes they behave a little differently, again we research or take them to the vet frequently for every small question we have, and this process makes us irritated.
This struggle gave me the inspiration to create "Yaari Dosti", your best partner which helps you to take the best care of your pets. No more endless Google searches or guesswork. Just type in your pet's category, breed and gender and there you have all you need:
>> Some interesting facts about your pet
>> Recommended foods and avoidable foods
>> List of medical needs that have to be satisfied
>> If there is anything that your pet is suffering from, enter the symptoms and the symptoms will be analysed
>> Obviously a chatbot, to make Yaari Dosti completely yours. Ask it and you will know it.
Currently as far as I searched, there is no application that helps you take care of all categories of pets and has all services that Yaari Dosti now has. So, pet moms and dads, you have your partner Yaari Dosti to help you out.
I know you are excited to try it out. So, here is the link: https://partyrock.aws/u/swathiMelapu/sym_5Oqm5/Yaari-Dosti-Friend-For-Pet-Care
Revolutionizing the way we care for our beloved furry, feathery, or scaly friends!