Formal Japanese Language:  "Keigo" Translator

Formal Japanese Language: "Keigo" Translator

Break your language barrier by using llm that converts your English to formal Japanese with AWS PartyRock

Published Mar 10, 2024
Living in an another country or having to communicate in other languages than your mother language is harsh. As an international student in Japan, I personally thought that learning and interpreting formal Japanese language called "Keigo" is one of the hardest challenge I am confronting as a student.
In order to work in Japan, however, it is crucial for international students to be fluent in business style Japanese. Nevertheless, when I was in an internship in Japan, I had a lot of hard time thinking and editing my business email to my interviewer, limiting the creativity and potential I could have expressed if I knew the Keigo concepts better. To help any international student like me who wants to break the language barrier, I created a translating generative AI where users can put in the English email prompt as an input and create a formal Japanese email prompt as an output :
On the left side we have the English prompts, and the right side we have the Keigo prompts.
In addition, since we want to be clear on the fact that we wrote a persuasive email that has no grammatical errors, I added a widget where the chatbot LLM figures out if there are any informal or grammatical mistakes in the email prompt. The user simply has to copy paste their prompts in this widget :
And when the user receives a better version of their prompt, they simply need to copy paste it back to the input.