WealthWise Navigator

Today, I'm excited to share my recent project, WealthWise Navigator ,which I built along with my friend Dinesh Kumar for the PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon.

Published Mar 10, 2024

Aim Of Our Project:

Our exploration into global challenges led us to a pervasive issue: poor financial habits and unrealistic financial goals. Recognizing these as significant hurdles, we were inspired to create a solution that addresses these common concerns. WealthWise Navigator is your financial ally. We simplify crises, plan your money, and provide clear steps for your dream goals for a smooth and successful financial journey!
App functionality:
  • We present WealthWise Navigator, a tool designed to tackle financial challenges.
  • By capturing your monthly income and expenses, it generates an insightful Analysis Report and Allocation Plan.
  • Additionally, we delve into your financial goals, offering personalized guidance and a strategic path to help you achieve them.
Building the Flow: Challenges and Triumphs:
  • During the development of WealthWise Navigator, we encountered several challenges. Initially, we struggled to establish a cohesive flow for the app and found ourselves stuck in a rigid structure. However, rather than becoming discouraged, we recognized the need for flexibility and adaptability. We shifted our focus from adhering strictly to our initial plan to prioritizing the app's functionality and user experience.
  • Additionally, we faced difficulties with the prompt system, as it didn't always generate the responses we desired. To overcome this obstacle, we proactively modified the prompt to better align with our expectations and the desired output.
  • Despite these challenges, we remained committed to delivering a high-quality product. Through perseverance and dedication, we addressed each issue, fine-tuned the app's features, and ensured that it met our standards of excellence
What we learned :
  • Our journey with PartyRock provided invaluable insights into using prompts for AI development. This learning experience deepened our understanding of prompt-based AI and its potential for innovation.
What We're Proud Of
  • We are thrilled to announce the successful development of an app aimed at fostering economic growth and contributing positively to our country's advancement. Working on projects with such impactful objectives fills us with immense joy and satisfaction.
  • It's a privilege to be able to channel our skills and efforts towards initiatives that have the potential to make a significant difference. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the economic prosperity and well-being of our nation through this endeavor.
What's next for WealthWise Navigator
  • The future of WealthWise Navigator is uncertain, and we're excited to see how users interact with the application. We remain open to evolving based on user feedback and needs, ensuring continuous improvement and relevance.
You can check out our app by following this link: https://partyrock.aws/u/medineshkumarm/U7CqHwXg1/WealthWise-Navigator
watch our app's video via this link:
This is just the beginning! Let us know in the comments below what features you'd like to see in WealthWise Navigator.