Revolutionizing Applications with WriteWise AI: A Journey through the PartyRock Hackathon

Revolutionizing Applications with WriteWise AI: A Journey through the PartyRock Hackathon

Explore the innovation behind WriteWise AI, a generative AI application crafted for seamless motivation letter creation. From inspiration and learning at the PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon to overcoming challenges, this article provides an in-depth look into the app's development, its impact on prospective applicants, and suggestions for improvements.

Published Mar 10, 2024
Last Modified Mar 11, 2024


Embarking on the PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon by AWS, I envisioned creating a tool that would revolutionize the process of crafting motivation letters for graduate admissions. Little did I know that this journey would lead to the birth of WriteWise AI, a project aimed at empowering students in their academic pursuits.

Overall Overview of WriteWise AI

To use the app effectively, applicants need to input their resume, written motivation letter, program description, university information, and personal interests.
  1. Inputs Needed:
    • Applicant's resume/CV
    • Applicant's sample Motivation Letter
    • Official Program Description
    • University Information
    • Applicant's Personal Interests
    • Specific letter requirements
  2. Outputs Generated
    1. Match Percentage
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
    3. Tips for Improvement


The unique feature of WriteWise AI is its ability to create a dialogue between the applicant and an admission advisor. This personalized chat section allows applicants to seek advice on various aspects of the application process, including form-filling, email communication with teachers for recommendation letters, and other essential steps.

Inspiration: A Confluence of Challenges and Insights

WriteWise AI stands at the intersection of innovation and necessity, created to streamline the arduous process of crafting standout motivation letters for academic applications. This journey began with a personal quest for scholarships, navigating through the landscape of admissions where motivation letters play a pivotal role. The inspiration behind this project was fueled by real challenges, the success of Viktoria Semaan's Resume Optimizer, and the persuasive insights shared by AWS Machine Learning Hero Cyril Bandolo during an AWS User Group virtual session.

Learning at PartyRock Hackathon: Navigating Prompt Engineering and LLMs

Participating in the PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon proved to be a transformative experience. It deepened my understanding of prompt engineering and introduced me to the world of Language Model Models (LLMs), with a specific focus on Claude. Exploring LLM parameters such as top-p and temperature illuminated the path to creating a nuanced and personalized generative AI application.

Implementation: Crafting WriteWise AI on PartyRock

The development journey involved navigating through various models, each offering unique capabilities. However, Claude from Anthropic emerged as the ideal choice for its ability to craft detailed and high-quality responses. WriteWise AI was meticulously designed to generate personalized motivation letters tailored for academic applications, ensuring a distinctive edge for aspiring students.

Difficulties Faced: The Quest for the Perfect Model

Selecting the perfect model posed its challenges. Evaluating alternatives like Llama, Claude, Titan Text Lite, and Command required thorough consideration. The ultimate choice of Claude was driven by its adeptness in crafting impactful motivation letters during a thorough test, overcoming the hurdles of the selection process.

Positive Impact on the Target Community

WriteWise AI is not just a tool; it's a potential game-changer for prospective applicants. The benefits extend beyond crafting personalized motivation letters—it's about empowering students to stand out in the competitive landscape of admissions. The envisioned real-world application lies in providing aspiring individuals with a tool that not only refines their applications but boosts their confidence in presenting their unique stories.

Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock

If PartyRock wasn't available, an alternative development scenario using Amazon Bedrock would involve leveraging React, JavaScript, Python, and some AWS AI services to build a serverless app with React as the frontend using Amplify UI React components. This app would implement APIs built using Amazon API gateway and Lambda functions, invoking the BedrockClient Client provided by the SDK. AWS AI services like Amazon Textract would be utilized for extracting meaningful information from resumes, motivation letters, and program brochures stored on Amazon S3, enhancing the overall user experience.
WriteWise AI alternative architecture diagram
WriteWise AI alternative architecture diagram

Suggestions for WriteWise AI Improvements

While WriteWise AI is instrumental in briging motivation letters to life, potential improvements could further enhance user experience:
  • Introduce an interactive guide within the app, offering step-by-step assistance for various stages of the application process.
  • Provide insights on form completion, email etiquette for communication, reaching out to teachers for recommendation letters, and other crucial application aspects.

What about you ?

Have you already encountered challenges in crafting motivation letters for academic applications?
After using the app, How has the app transformed your application process? What are your thoughts on maintaining a balance between AI assistance and the authenticity of motivation letters?
Share your tips and insights on crafting motivation letters and learn from the experiences of fellow users and join the conversation on AI ethics in admissions in the comment section.


WriteWise AI is not just a project; it's a testament to the fusion of technology and personalization. As we reflect on this journey, the aspiration for WriteWise AI is to continue evolving, inspiring prospective applicants, and contributing to the dynamic landscape of generative AI applications. The collaboration between aspiring students and innovative platforms like PartyRock promises a future where crafting standout motivation letters is not a challenge but a creative journey of self-expression and academic excellence.