Conceptual IT Trainer and Assistant

Empowering digital learning with a conceptual IT trainer and assistant

Published Mar 11, 2024
Last Modified Mar 15, 2024
In today's rapidly changing technology landscape, continuous learning is essential for IT and cloud engineers to keep up with life. This past weekend, I embarked on an independent journey to deepen my understanding of artificial intelligence and its potential application in learning.
To make the learning process more engaging and effective, I decided to take a unique approach: using the words of famous characters from films and cartoons to explain complex technical concepts.
Research has shown that when information is presented in an accessible and memorable way, it is easier to absorb and remember.
This principle inspired me to develop the Conceptual IT Coach and Assistant chatbot using AWS Party Rock.
This tool allows you to enter the specific technology or topic you want to learn and the name of the character whose words you want to use to explain the topic. The chatbot then generates text, displays a link to official documentation, and creates text that engagingly explains the concepts using the selected character's style.
It also motivates you when you face learning difficulties and enables you to make the right choices. There are special blocks of reflection questions, the answers to which are analysed by a separate wizard in the Growth Mindset motivator block. In the reflection blocks, you can summarise what you have learned about the topic and describe the difficulties you have encountered. Such reflection helps to think about the whole learning process and to deepen knowledge. Students gain more confidence to move on and apply their new skills and discover a new depth of understanding that may not have been discovered in conventional teaching.
Here's a brief description: First, enter your desired technology in the appropriate box. Then enter the specific topic within that technology that you want to master. To add personality and fun, enter the name of your favourite character in the space provided. When you have completed the topic, answer the reflection questions. And ask the question(s) to the motivational assistant.
Use and enjoy!