Marital Mediator

Marital Mediator

This application solves marital problems from an objective standpoint, unaffected by emotion.Build good marital and couple relationships with Generative AI!

Published Mar 11, 2024
Hi, this is my first post!
When a couple begins their lives together, they are born and raised differently, and arguments and fights over trivial matters can occur.
When one side wins the argument by arguing with the other, it only leads to a deterioration of the relationship.
A generative AI that possesses a large amount of objective data and has no personality can make objective judgments and provide advice on solutions, thereby improving the quality of life and contributing to world peace by reducing wasted time and restoring amicable marital time.
Especially in Japan, where I live, the marriage rate is declining, the divorce rate is rising, and the labor shortage due to the low birthrate and aging population is becoming a social problem.
This is a revolutionary application that will help couples and married couples to be happy and solve social problems to halt the declining birthrate and aging population.