TransLitify - Translate, Transliterate, Ask an Expert

TransLitify - Translate, Transliterate, Ask an Expert

Speak Easy, Break the Language Barrier

Published Mar 11, 2024
Last Modified Mar 12, 2024
What is TransLitify?
TransLitify is a PartyRock app that translates languages and spells out the translated text in English. It has a chat interface to communicate with an AI-based Language Expert to quickly get your language-related questions answered. Best of all, it works well with many Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Odia too.
Many Indians, including myself, learned three languages in school, but sometimes, it's not enough in a country of 1.4 billion people whose Constitution recognizes an astounding 22 languages. Whether traveling, working, or connecting with others, language barriers can be challenging. While Google Translate is helpful, AI assistants like Claude and Llama additionally offer a chatbot interface that can be added to interactively discuss and seek clarifications regarding the translation and transliteration from non-English text into English (or other supported languages). This is invaluable for language learning, bridging spoken sounds with written words.
How I built it
I "prompted" PartyRock to create an app that will translate and transliterate languages. I specified that there should two input boxes for the user to provide source text and the choice of target language to translate to. Additionally I asked for a chatbot to help address queries related to languages. PartyRock created a form for me with the required User Input, Text Generation & Chatbot widgets. I iteratively refined the prompts for these widgets based on the generated results. The Text Generation & Chatbot widgets are configured to use the Claude Model.
During testing, I found that translations may not be perfect for lengthy or complex sentences. While I tried switching to the Llama model, results from Claude were generally better so I just stuck with Claude. I believe that as the models evolve, translation quality will improve for Indian languages.
Key Learnings and the Future of TransLitify
I run a blog in Telugu, where I frequently mix Telugu and English. In the past, I relied on online translation tools for writing. I found that these translations were often too literal and didn't meet my expectations. With AI assistants/Models like Claude which I have leveraged in my PartyRock app, I've been pleasantly surprised by the improved and relatively more meaningful responses. The output generated for the queries posed can be in mixed language with valuable cultural and historical context! I hope fellow language enthusiasts find this app useful.
Building a basic version of TransLitify with PartyRock was a quick and easy process. As AI Models evolve with newer mind-boggling capabilities, I feel integrating AI features will make the functionalities of apps richer.
Looking ahead, I plan to take TransLitify to the next level by utilizing Amazon Bedrock. I aim to make the app production-grade and explore cost-effective ways to achieve more accurate results.