Book Notes On PartyRock

Book Notes On PartyRock

Book Notes App is available on PartyRock AWS

Published Mar 11, 2024
Book Notes App on PartyRock
The Book Notes App summarizes a book's content into the materials that could be used in a 5-10 minute long presentation by entering in a book's title.
The user inputs a book's title and the number of bullet points for the summary. From this input, the generative AI creates a summary of the book, The first 5 bullet points in the summary are expanded below the summary to include a text explanation and a matching image. A set of starting questions and a closing quote for a presentation are also generated by the AI.
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Community Impact:
The Book Notes App helps you to organize your reading materials by creating notes and images on your favorite books. These notes and images can be used to explain to others about the reasons that they should read the book for themselves.
Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock:
If PartyRock was not available, then I would have organized a Python or Kotlin notebook to input the book title and the number of bullet points to use when summarizing the book content. I would have used LLMs such as Claude, Llama 2, ChatGPT and StabilityAL to generate the text and image content.

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