Made for Her App With AWS Partyrock

Made for Her App With AWS Partyrock

Dear Queens here is an app made just for you! The made for her app is focused on improving women's health and wellbeing by leveraging the power of generative AI to give useful feedback, suggestions, serve as your personal health companion and many more.

Published Mar 11, 2024
About Made for HerπŸ’•
Made for Her is a revolutionary app built on AWS Partyrock designed specifically with women's health needs in mind. The app provides personalized tools and resources to help women take control of their health and feel their best every day.
Key Features of the App:
  • Personalized health tips based on your age - Get suggestions on nutrition, exercise, preventative care and more tailored to your stage of life. This is done by filling your age. (LLM Used- Claude)
health tips
Get Health Tips
  • Daily evening health check-in - Every evening, check in with the app and indicate how you feel overall. we will respond with feedback and tips to help you feel better. (LLM Used- Claude)
Daily evening health check-in
  • Menstrual cycle tracking - Input your last menstrual cycle date and get predictions for your upcoming cycle for the next month. (LLM Used- Command)
Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Chat with Dr. Pinky - Ask questions and get reliable advice from our AI Chatbot doctor, Dr. Pinky, who specializes in women's health. Get any health questions answered 24/7. (LLM Used- Claude)
Chat with Dr. Pinky
Community Impact:
With Made for Her, women finally have an app made just for them. It provides support tailored to her unique health needs so she can feel her best every day. The app empowers her with knowledge and resources for total wellbeing.
Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock:
I would have used AWS Bedrock LLMS, Lambda for APIs, and Python, to develop "Made for Her" with enhanced efficiency and scalability. This approach streamlined the entire processing of data and integration of personalized feedback mechanisms, focusing on a user-friendly interface to simplify health management for women.
Here is the Live demo link of the app, Try it out or Remix - https://partyrock.aws/u/bolu/hsRKLABgN/Made-for-Her/snapshot/GM42pg5xf
Made with πŸ’• by your dear sis.