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Published Mar 11, 2024

Our inspiration

In this day and age, there are a plethora of **great minds with great ideas**. But, a lot of them don't know much about business and market, therefore they are afraid to venture out and make their ideas a reality. So, we thought that it would be a good idea to use PartyRock to generate an app to critique other app ideas as well as analyze the market for them in order to facilitate better idea generation and implementation.

What it does

AppSavvy accepts user input and assesses the proposed app concept. It delivers in-depth and customised insights regarding market viability, practicality, competition, anticipated development expenses and timeline, as well as the intended user base. Additionally, it offers recommendations for enhancing the existing idea and explores alternative approaches to achieve comparable results. Furthermore, users have the option to seek clarification or additional assistance from the amiable chatbot!

How we built it

We utilised AWS PartyRock in developing our project, undergoing numerous trials and errors before arriving at our latest solution. Our journey began with brainstorming various app concepts, drawing insights from existing projects on PartyRock, and striving to imbue our app with uniqueness while ensuring its feasibility as a real-world web application. This iterative process led us to our final project idea.


During the app development phase, we faced some technical challenges with PartyRock. Initially, we encountered difficulty in modifying the prompt within a specific widget, significantly impeding our progress. Additionally, there were issues with user input changes causing lag in the app, resulting in delayed clearing of the initial output and leading to user confusion.

What are we proud of

It is our first project as a couple and we have been dreaming of creating different projects together, so this is the first of many. We could also play around with PartyRock which was really cool. We also managed to come out of this project successfully without breaking up, so that is definitely an accomplishment.
##Community Impact
We hope that this app will be the start of something great as we live in a generation where there are plenty of ideas but very little platforms where those ideas can be evaluated and made better. We believe that AppSavvy would be the first step to creating better ideas as we strongly believe that good ideas will lead to a better world as those ideas will be the bedrock of future developments or inventions which will impact millions of lives.
Link to our project:
Team members :
KaungYe Myint Mo
Domnick Jerom