SmartyChallenges - Kids Learning Adventures

SmartyChallenges - Kids Learning Adventures

🎲🧠Welcome to the SmartyChallenges App which is for Kids Learning Adventures 📚This is a cool app that helps to create knowledge puzzles and math problems for the age from 2 to 10🧑‍🎓 from the subjects science 🥽🧪🔬 and mathematics🧮. and also has a cool chatbot for assistance 💬 🤗

Published Mar 11, 2024

Get Started with SmartyChallenges today which aids in Kids Learning Adventures 🚀

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SmartyChallenges help the kids in learning the science puzzles and math problems in a fun and interactive way. In today's fast evolving world, Kids can learn from GenAI with step by step process in a fun and interactive with lot of possibilities of building a solution 👨🏻‍💻
By Welcoming Message, it sets the tone to students the importance of learning this subject and opportunities it brings for you. Puzzle creation help ads to create a puzzle based on age group, student grade and subject it has been chosen.
Puzzle image helps the students on the hint for the generated puzzle. Student can see the image and think the best answer for the puzzle and enter the answer in Answer it section.
Validation and Correct answer will helps to validate the answer with the puzzle question and tell the step by step for the correct answer. Most importantly there is a chatbot for student (QuizzyFox) to get the help from knowledge repository. Topic Image and Puzzle will generate the cool images based on previous widgets like Subject and Puzzle Creation respectively.
Problem Addressed:
In this rapidly evolving world, kids started to learn from the academy by spending money and travel to the institutions. Most importantly they need to train for each subject separately for each grade and age groups.
SmartyChallenges brings a good and enhanced solution by leveraging the latest Generative AI technologies like Large Language Models (Machine Learning) to create a puzzles and respective solutions based on subject chosen, and age groups or grades. Also, Validating the student response is right or wrong based on trained models avoiding cost and effort.
Key Features in the App:
Welcoming Message -
Based on user input fields like Student Name and Subject it sets the tone for student about the subject and its importance.
Welcoming Messages
Topic Image -
 Based on user input fields like Student Name and Subject it generates the cool image.
Topic Image
Puzzle Creation -
Based on user input fields like subject, student grade and age it creates a puzzle with cool emojis in markdown text format.
Puzzle Creation
Puzzle -
Generates a beautiful image based on previous widget Puzzle Creation which can be used as hint for the puzzle.
Validation and Correct answer -
Based on user input of Answer it and validate with puzzle in previous widget of Puzzle creation whether it is correct or wrong answer. Also, explain the step by step process of correct answer
Validation and correct answer
This is a conversation chatbox built on Claude LLM model. Help the student on any clarifications

Get Started with SmartyChallenges today which aids in Kids Learning Adventures 🚀

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