My Digi Mentor App

My Digi Mentor App

Your Success Guide. This GenAI-powered app advises you what actions to take to attain your goals, inspires you, and estimates how long it will take.

Published Mar 11, 2024
In our daily lives, we are constantly confronted with several chores to perform, and we frequently lack the knowledge on how to complete these jobs or achieve our objectives. We frequently waste time researching how to execute tasks and the processes required. This pre-research takes up a lot of our time and leads to no progress towards our goal. In the meantime, we may lose enthusiasm to complete duties since previous actions have left us feeling burdened. This results in lower success rates and less motivation to complete the task.
What it does
This software does all of the research for us and gives us with a strategy that can be implemented immediately to help us achieve our objectives. It also contains a chatbot to assist us clarify our questions and eliminate uncertainty. It also offers a step-by-step strategy and establishes micro-goals for success. Increases success rates by keeping the user motivated throughout the journey. The software also calculates the time it will take to attain your objective, allowing you to establish more realistic targets. This software is an excellent career counsellor for young people, as well as a terrific friend who motivates you to complete your work and helps you establish new goals by pushing your limits.
set your Goal
resources fetching
Gives you complete idea of how you should work day to day to achieve your goals
Day to Day plan
constantly motivates you and helps you to stick to the plan and do not lose hope.
Our program may accept any type of objective, such as cooking, learning a new skill, getting better, etc. From there, it uses a chatbot to ask you questions and tell you what your short- and long-term goals should be. This not only benefits people but also allows them to pick which road to take, making it a wonderful long-term guide for them. I believe that using GenAI for goal planning and mentoring is the most efficient and sensible way to attain goals with least effort.
What's Next for My Digi Mentor App
In My Digi Mentor App, the next feature is to add a flowchart for the plan and track live user progress which helps the users visualize their progress and get rewards. Visualizing their progress helps users to boost their confidence and work more to words their goals.
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