Date Hunter

Date Hunter

Date Hunter is not just an app; it is a solution born from the daily challenges of connecting with others.

Published Mar 11, 2024


In the bustling atmosphere of Arabica coffee, nestled within the scenic Beytepe Campus of Hacettepe University in Turkey, three friends stumbled upon an idea that has the potential to transform the way we approach relationships. Fueled by a desire to ease the challenges of initiating connections, they birthed an innovative AI-based project: Date Hunter.

Unveiling Date Hunter: A Revolutionary Approach to Making the First Move

The Genesis of Date Hunter

While three friends were sipping our coffee, we found ourselves talking about the pressure that meeting new people puts on people. After a little brainstorming, we started talking about the idea of an app that would help people meet and chat with each other. This is how Date Hunter came to be.

How Date Hunter Works

Date Hunter simplifies the daunting task of initiating conversations by taking three essential parameters from the user:
  • Attraction Location:
    • Where did you meet the other party? Specify the setting that caught your eye.
  • User's Properties:
    • Share details about yourself, including age, occupation, and any other noteworthy attributes.
  • Other Party's Properties:
    • Provide insights into the other party's characteristics, such as age, occupation, and more.

Bridging the Gap: Date Hunter's Unique Offering

Armed with this information, Date Hunter employs AI algorithms to generate a curated list of questions tailored to your specific situation. These questions are designed to break the ice, initiate meaningful conversations, and set the stage for connection.

User-Friendly Interface

Date Hunter boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience. The technology behind the app is not only cleverly designed also an application created to alleviate communication difficulties in social relationships and the pressure they create on the person.


Date Hunter is not just an app; it is a solution born from the daily challenges of connecting with others. By supporting users with personalized conversation starters, Date Hunter aims to turn the often-daunting task of taking the first step into a more approachable and enjoyable experience.
Date Hunter is on its way to becoming a new part of your life with its innovative approach and alternative ways it offers you. Embrace the future with Date Hunter—because everyone deserves an easy path to "first step".
Meet the Date Hunter Dream Team 🚀
  • Ahmet Emre Usta - Our captain and coding wizard, steering the ship and concocting digital magic for the Date Hunter universe. Yes, he's that extra sprinkle of brilliance, always pushing the envelope and coordinating our creative chaos. A true maestro in orchestrating the symphony of our development strategy.
  • Engincan Göçer - The maestro of context and our in-house critic with a taste for the finer things. Engin is the backbone of almost everything we do, especially honing the user experience to near perfection. And he still thinks the app's experience on mobile isn't good enough. Rumor has it, he's still waiting for his phone to catch up to his high standards. We suspect it might be time for an upgrade.
  • Musa Ağbaht - The social butterfly of our team, who could give any HR pro a run for their money. Musa's not just about friendly banter; he's also one of the masterminds behind our captivating promotional video. His knack for networking and engaging is truly something to behold.
Supporting Stars ✨
A tip of the hat to the stellar talents who added their unique flavors to the Date Hunter concoction:
  • Burak Kaya - Our AI whisperer, who helped us decode the perfect prompts. It's safe to say, without Burak's insights, our questions would be as bland as unseasoned tofu. He's got the Midas touch when it comes to conversing with AI.
  • Ömer Kaan Vural - The drone wizard whose aerial shots are nothing short of cinematic gold. The entire concept of our video hinged on his sky-high capabilities. Kaan, it's time to consider turning this hobby into a full-fledged empire.
  • Defne Uğur - Our camera's confidante and charm ambassador! With her infectious energy, she breathes life into our ads, infusing them with an irresistible sparkle of authenticity that captivates audiences far and wide.
  • Süleyman Ozan Tuğutlu - The epitome of cool and our video's chill guru! With his laid-back vibes and effortless charisma, he brings an extra layer of authenticity to our productions, making viewers feel right at home.
  • Saliha Güngör - Our morale-boosting maestro and equipment extraordinaire! Behind the scenes, she's the silent hero ensuring everything runs like clockwork, from camera angles to catering, making our team's job a breeze.
  • Çağrı Deniz - The coffee connoisseur and location whisperer! Thanks to his keen eye for ambiance and hospitality, our promo shoots are always bathed in cozy vibes and fueled by the perfect cup of joe.
  • Emre Uyar - Huge thanks for keeping the vibes high and the camera rolling during our promo shoot.