Navigating Lay off with PartyRock App

Partyrock hackathon application

Published Mar 11, 2024

Community Impact

Layoffs.fyi data shows that from the start of 2022 to the end of June 2023, 1855 tech companies collectively laid off 375,000 employees globally. Having being impacted with a layoff I can understand how hard it is to navigate it within the current market situation.
This app empowers anyone who got laid off to quickly get back on their feet. It supports in three ways
  1. Estimates the financial runway.
  2. Provide encouragement and reassurance.
  3. Provide resources for next steps in career and/or job search

Financial Runway

The app prompts the user to provide their savings, severance, and expense-related info. It estimates how much financial runway the person has and provides customized recommendations based on it.

Mental Health

It provides positive and encouraging statements to ensure the user can come into the right headspace to make important decisions about the next steps.

Job Search

It provides tips on the next steps that can help the user to move forward. E.g. updating their resume, ensuring their LinkedIn is up to date, info about job boards and mock interview sites. How to use this time to invest in personal growth etc.

Wrapping up!

It is incredibly empowering to think clearly in a tough situation like a layoff and make sound financial and career decisions. This app resolves a problem that we are usually not prepared for until it hits home and can be improved further to add features.

Try the app or remix here!