Your Guide to Unveiling the Mysteries of World Cuisine

Published Mar 11, 2024
Last Modified Mar 12, 2024
Ever feel lost staring at a menu full of unfamiliar dishes?
Foodpedia, an AI-powered app created with PartyRock, provides information on unfamiliar food items. It offers details about their origin, appearance, taste, ingredients, and nutrition. Additionally, it shares fun facts and suggests comparable dishes. Users can interact with the AI chatbot without fear of judgment.
No more awkward silences or "food envy" while your friends rave about their choices.
Foodpedia serves up a wealth of information:
  • Origins: Discover the fascinating history behind each dish.
  • Appearance: Get a mouthwatering description to set your taste buds tingling.
  • Taste: Explore the flavor profile - sweet, savory, spicy, or a unique combination?
  • Ingredients: Uncover the secrets that make each dish special.
  • Nutrition: Be informed about the dietary aspects.
  • Bonus: Impress your dinner companions with interesting fun facts and similar dishes you can discuss. Foodpedia turns you into a dinner party trivia master!
How I built it
I configured the User Input, Text Generation, and Chatbot widgets to retrieve food details after experimenting with various prompts. Among nine different Models, I found Llama 2 Chat 70b to perform best, especially when it came to descriptions of Indian food.
Challenges I ran into
Although having images of dishes would enhance visual appeal, the Image Generation widget that I added initially often produced inaccurate or humorous pictures. So, I had to remove it.
The SDXL generated image of Masala Dosa looks like a designer paratha!
The SDXL generated image of Masala Dosa looks like a designer paratha!
A Rewarding Journey
Discovering a simple solution to learn more about world cuisines was rewarding.
The Future of Foodpedia
Having developed a simple proof of concept, I aim to elevate the app's quality by leveraging Amazon Bedrock. I'll focus on delivering more accurate results with cost-effective, relevant images of food and drinks.