PartyRock: Replacing programming with AI

PartyRock: Replacing programming with AI

In this blog post I walk you through my journey building an AI python code tutor towards replacing programming with AI & prompt-engineering.

Published Mar 11, 2024
I've been playing with prompt engineering locally and in code from a few months now. So, I was delighted to learn about PartyRock which is a no-code LLM app builder on top of AWS bedrock.
Recently Jensen Huang, CEO of NVidia made a statement that instead of teaching kids how to program, and instead AI will generate software. I have been curious about this area recently and playing around with PartyRock, i now see how this could be in the future!
I have been interviewing recently and have been spending some time brushing up data structure and algorithms. Unlike college, where I had friends to quiz me on hard topics I wanted someone to help bridge this gap. And that's where the idea behind my weekend project PyCodeGym was born. An IDE is one of the toughest pieces of software to build and here i started my journey to build an AI powered assistant in a few hours over a weekend.
Here's what I came up with and was impressed by what PartyRock allows us to do.
The tool is simple to use. You just add difficulty level and your topic of interest. PyCodeGym then gives you a challenge along with a helpful chatbot and hints to help you complete the task.
 You can play with PyCodeGym here. Read more about the project on DevPost.