Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

Create fun and educational bedtime stories for children, to teach them a virtue in a fun way.

Published Mar 12, 2024

The idea

I am yet to meet a child that goes to sleep peacefully without a bed time story, parents are required to come up with a new story almost everyday, I have been through this with children in the family, everyday searching the internet for stories, which are not necessarily educative.
Amazing fact about bedtime stories, is that children somehow memorize them for years, I have seen it personally, a child was once told a short version of the Pinocchio story, the idea was to tell a fun story, and also teach a lesson about not lying. 6 years later, the child still recalls the story whenever the topic of lying and honesty comes up.

The App

This gave me the idea, why not use those stories to teach positive virtues to children, in a fun way, and save the parents from the confusion and effort of trying to come up with a story every day.
When I found about aws partyrock and generative AI, this was the first idea that came to my mind, An AI powered app to create bed time stories that teach a specific virtue, for children of different ages and with length of your choosing.
One important piece of knowledge I gained while working on this, is using the Temperature configuration, I changed it a little in the story generation widget to add more imagination.

How it works

By entering the age of the child, the virtue you want to include in the story, and the time that the story should take, the app will generate a story for you.
As mentioned in the App description, you should read and check the story first, if you need to change any aspect of it, there is a chat box to edit the story based on your request, you can personalize it to suit the child.

Community Impact (The App's benefits)

After I used the app a few times, I immediately thought : "With this app, you will never be short of stories to tell!!"
The App will:
  • Save adults from the confusion and effort of finding endless stories to tell.
  • Teach children positive manners in a fun, unforgettable way.

Try the App

App link: https://partyrock.aws/u/m-ahmed110/lv_v0yrci/Bedtime-Stories
Demo Video:
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