GlowUp Genius: An App for AWS Party Rock Hackathon

GlowUp Genius: An App for AWS Party Rock Hackathon

Sharing my journey of building an app born out of my own personal experience.

Published Mar 11, 2024
As a Data Engineer in People Tech Group Inc, I have worked on various RAG based applications exclusively with AWS Bedrock's Claude Foundation Model. I have always been impressed by its quality of responses and most importantly the sheer context window.
When I stumbled upon this hackathon, I was very excited as I saw this as an opportunity to leverage my knowledge of this domain to a product that can be visible to thousands of users. What would be a better platform than a Hackathon of this scale.
The app 'GlowUp' Genius is inspired by the story of my life, where I transformed my appearance through a disciplinary lifestyle encompassing diet, fitness and other things. This app is a perfect opportunity for me to leverage my own knowledge of this domain coupled with the knowledgebase of a powerful language model such as the Claude.
I used the AWS party rock builder where I didn't have to write a single line of code and focus more on prompting the Claude on the kind of responses I want. The journey had ups and downs, where DALLEE was the fun factor because of its image generating capabilities. (I love the randomness)
This app has several features such as estimating the number of calories needed for lean muscle development, it can allow one to track what they have consumed for the day and have a thorough analysis of the nutritional value. It also addresses additional but often overlooked aspects of enhancing appearance through hairstyle and outfits.
The app also caters to both males and females with distinct fitness and grooming routines and can be improved for the future in regard to personal customization. Overall, I'd say that I'm proud of what I have accomplished and I'm really excited to see where this goes!
Try out the app here: PartyRock |
Watch the youtube video for a tutorial: GlowUp Genius: AWS PartyRock Hackathon (youtube.com)