Becoming AWSome w/ Arianna Burgman & Shantel Johnson, Solution Architects

Becoming AWSome w/ Arianna Burgman & Shantel Johnson, Solution Architects

Women at CSA, ID&E, Solution Architects at AWS

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 20, 2024
In today's episode of the AWS Twitch Podcast "Becoming AWSome," hosted by Ray Thomas & Jenna Lass, the conversation centered around Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity for Women's History Month, focusing specifically on "Women in CSA." Guests Arianna Burgman and Shantel Johnson, both Solution Architects within AWS's Worldwide Public Sector Central SA team, shared their experiences, insights, and the initiatives they've spearheaded to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for women in tech 🚀. The episode not only celebrated their achievements but also delved into the challenges faced by women in the tech industry, showcasing AWS's commitment to creating a diverse workforce 🌈.

Arianna and Shantel discussed their personal journeys in AWS, their roles as Solution Architects, and their active involvement in creating a community for women within their department 🤝. They talked about the inception of Women in CSA, an initiative aimed at supporting women in early career stages within the tech industry 🌟. The conversation highlighted the importance of mentorship, community support, and the need for such initiatives to ensure women feel valued, supported, and inspired to pursue careers in technology 💡. Through their stories, the episode shed light on the broader issue of gender disparity in tech and the ongoing efforts to address it 🛠️.
Key takeaways and inspirations from the episode include:
  • The crucial role of communities and support networks like Women in CSA in empowering women in tech and fostering a sense of belonging 🌍.
  • The importance of mentorship and visibility for women in leadership roles, as shared by Arianna and Shantel, who emphasize the value of learning from those who have paved the way 👩‍🏫.
  • Insights into the challenges of overcoming imposter syndrome, with both guests discussing their personal experiences and strategies for managing self-doubt 😰👊.
  • The impact of personal hobbies and interests outside of work in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, illustrating that personal growth and professional success go hand in hand 🧘‍♀️🏋️‍♀️.
  • Encouragement for women to pursue their passions within the tech industry, highlighting the diverse paths and roles available within AWS and beyond 🔍💼.
This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of inclusion, diversity, and equity within the tech industry and the positive impact of initiatives like Women in CSA 🌟. It inspires not only women but all individuals in tech to advocate for a more inclusive and equitable workplace 🏢💖.
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