Brewing Collaboration: Empowering and Inclusive Generative AI

Brewing Collaboration: Empowering and Inclusive Generative AI

Links from Brooke Jamieson & Farrah Campbell from their talk on collaborative & inclusive generative AI. Covers barriers, women's history, prompts, beer & community.

Brooke Jamieson
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 14, 2024
This is a companion article for links & sources for Farrah Campbell & Brooke Jamieson’s Monki Gras 2024 Session called “Brewing Collaboration: Empowering and Inclusive Generative AI”.

Session Description

In “Brewing Collaboration: Empowering and Inclusive Generative AI”, Farrah Campbell and Brooke Jamieson explore the collaborative and inclusive potential of generative AI and prompt engineering, drawing parallels with women’s historical contributions in tech and the craft beer industry. This talk at Monki Gras 2024 will address the barriers to collaboration in AI, celebrate the legacy of teamwork among women in technology and give take home tips for collaborative prompt engineering and fostering community-driven AI innovation. This session aims to provide actionable insights for creating a more inclusive AI future, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives in shaping technology that benefits everyone.

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Wrap Up

As we've explored throughout this session and accompanying resources, generative AI has immense potential to drive collaboration, empower diverse voices, and foster an inclusive future. However, realizing this potential requires intentional effort from all of us.
We must proactively work to break down barriers, amplify underrepresented perspectives, and create space for diverse teams to shape the trajectory of this powerful technology. Only through true collaboration across backgrounds and disciplines can we ensure AI develops in a way that benefits everyone.
We're grateful to the organizers of Monki Gras 2024 for providing this platform to have these crucial conversations. But the work doesn't stop here. We encourage every attendee to take these insights and apply them in tangible ways - whether through inclusive prompt engineering, community-driven innovation, or advocacy for mindful AI policies and practices.
The future of transformative technology like generative AI is being actively built right now. It's up to all of us to roll up our sleeves, work together, and construct the equitable, empowering future of AI that we want to see. The brewing has begun, but the best is yet to come through our united efforts.

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