What programming languages have you worked with?

What programming languages have you worked with?

Join me at the watercooler to answer today's question.

Jenna Pederson
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 15, 2024
Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to work with, play with, and explore many programming languages. My initial interest in languages came about during my grad program final project where I explored metaprogramming. It wasn't until I read this book, Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, that I wanted to get my hands on more programming languages. I wanted to learn how they were similar, how they were different, and what features made them work in what situations.
That leads me to today's question:

What programming languages have you worked with (in any way, to any extent) to in your career?

Some of the more memorable languages I've worked with or explored have been: Logo, Scheme, Perl, Fortran, R/BASIC, and Pascal. I've used more modern languages, but these either kick-started my interest in computer science or were the first languages I used professionally. Or they made me bang my head against my desk because I couldn't figure out how to make something work.
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