What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

This article covers the basic About the topic Cloud Computing and what all it has as a technology!

Published Apr 11, 2024
The Cloud Computing is now being the trending technology to learn ! with gaining popularity.
What is Coud Computing?
Cloud Computing, can be defined as the dilivery of Computer service from hard Copy to soft ! Services like Storage, Networking database, intelligence, server to the network. It forms the Network where all this services are provided to the End-user, as it is cost effective, Scalable and more.
There are are 4 main type of Cloud Computing, they all are follows:-
  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private cloud
  3. Multiple Cloud
  4. Hybrid Cloud
1) Public Cloud:-
As it's name suggest that this cloud environment is open to all they are provided by third party provider on the public internet, the service provided on public cloud can be free or paid.
2) Private Cloud:-
Private cloud are the computing environment dedicated to the single organisation, it provide self service and scale ability.
3) Multiple cloud:-
Multiple cloud uses service from more than one public cloud, provide at the same time.
4) Hybrid Cloud :-
This cloud combines private with public cloud it allows data and application to be shared between each other.
Hopes you understood the baise defination and type!
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