Chaos Engineering: the best way to know if you are resilient | S01 E02 | Winging It

Linda learns about chaos engineering by running an AWS Well-Architected lab that Seth created

Seth Eliot
Amazon Employee
Published May 24, 2023
Last Modified Mar 19, 2024
Linda, Seth and Brian Streaming
Chaos engineering is not about creating chaos, but is about making the chaos that is already out there visible to you. Any complex system, like for instance distributed software systems, will experience chaos in the form of faults, unexpected user actions, and load spikes. Chaos engineering build confidence that your application is resilient to these - that is to say it will resist these events, or quickly recover from them. Chaos is also what happens when we throw Linda into a chaos engineering lab, and then bark orders at her while she is trying to run it. But it was all good fun in the end, and we got to see chaos engineering in action.
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