What tech jargon do you use in your everyday life?

What tech jargon do you use in your everyday life?

Join me at the watercooler to answer today's question.

Julie Gunderson
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 28, 2024
Have you ever caught yourself using tech jargon in your everyday conversations, even with friends and family who might not be familiar with the lingo? I recently had one of those moments when I casually told my mom that I didn't have the "bandwidth" to do something right away but would "ping" her once I did. That's when it dawned on me – I've become so accustomed to the technical terminology used in my industry that it's seamlessly woven into my day-to-day vernacular.
For those working in tech or other highly specialized fields, do you find yourselves slipping industry specific terms into conversations outside of professional contexts?

What are some of the most commonly used industry specific words or phrases that have infiltrated your everyday speech?

Share your experiences and let's have a lighthearted discussion about the jargon that has become second nature to us!

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