Getting Started Learning Containers

Getting Started Learning Containers

An Overview of Learning Container Services from AWS

Harrison Sherwin
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 22, 2024
How I would go about learning containers on AWS again if I needed to? For each "step", I'll provide multiple resources going into varying level of depth depending on what you need. There may be some overlap in topics, but I won't overlap resources.
Let's assume I already feel good about my general AWS knowledge. I know things like Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, and AWS IAM to name a few. Maybe I've built a sample three-tier webapp. (If not, start here.)
Our first stop needs to be learning about containers in general. There will be a lot of emphasis on Docker at this stage. It's important to note that Docker makes great software for containers, but it's never the only option. It's just a very well-used and well-documented options that therefore works great to get started.
Our second stop is grasping container images and their storage further. If you read the Poulton book above, you're probably pretty good here. If not, here's how you can go further.
Now you have a choice to make, what do you want your container orchestrator to be. I'll present a path for Amazon ECS and one for Amazon EKS (Kubernetes).
Amazon ECS:
Amazon EKS, which by necessity must include Kubernetes training:
Is there a lot more that you could learn? Yes! This post is just designed to get you started. Enjoy! Want a lot more? Here's a free plan and a paid plan (with labs).

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