Migration Options with Amazon RDS Oracle

Migration Options with Amazon RDS Oracle

The options you have available when migrating to Amazon RDS for Oracle

Tony Mullen
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 10, 2024
As a RDS specialist solutions architect I get asked on a regular basis what is the best way to migrate to RDS for Oracle so i thought i would put together this article to share my experience, I will share some handy links to documentation and blogs to help you along the way.
Feature support for RDS Oracle - Its important to understand the feature support for RDS for Oracle, this page will show you all of the supported features for RDS Oracle.
Patterns to migrate to RDS Oracle - This page is AWS prescriptive guidance for a on-prem or EC2 migration to RDS for Oracle it discusses native tool migrations and the Database Migration Service.
Datapump and DMS migration - This blog details the steps to get a low downtime migration using datapump and the Database Migration Service.
Transportable Tablespaces - This blog steps through a migration to RDS for Oracle using the transportable feature of Oracle, this can be used for cross platform migrations.
Migration of a Database Link - This blog steps through the migration to RDS for Oracle over a database link, really useful if you want to migrate between RDS instances.
Blog on EFS mount for RDS Oracle - This blog discussed using and EFS mount for storing the export pumps for a migration.
Encryption Options for RDS for Oracle - This blog goes through the encryption options available in RDS for Oracle.

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