Painless On-Call rotations

Mastering Painless On-Call Rotations: Strategies for Seamless Team Dynamics and Sustainable Workloads

Stuart Clark
Amazon Employee
Published Mar 26, 2024
In this episode of The Big Dev Theory on Twitch we are joined by Ashley Sawatsky from Rootly.
Navigating on-call rotations within organizational response teams can be a delicate balancing act. In this session, we delve into the intricacies of crafting efficient and equitable on-call schedules, drawing from the expertise of seasoned Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). Join us as we explore the common pitfalls that plague on-call rotations and discover practical strategies for mitigating them. From the risk of overburdening certain team members to the challenge of accommodating vacations, new hires, and departures, we'll uncover insightful approaches to maintaining a 24/7 availability without sacrificing team morale or individual well-being.
Through real-world examples and expert advice, you'll gain invaluable insights into optimizing on-call rotations for your organization. Learn how to foster a collaborative team environment, alleviate tension in shift distribution, and prevent burnout among team members.
Whether you're a seasoned SRE looking to refine your on-call strategies or a team leader seeking to improve overall team efficiency, this session offers actionable tips and best practices for achieving painless on-call rotations.
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Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate

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