Free Generative AI trainings by AWS, March 2024

Enhance your skills with these complimentary courses to excel in generative AI, no matter your professional designation.

Published Mar 31, 2024
Last Modified Apr 4, 2024
β€œTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin
Looking to start with generative AI within AWS? In this article, I'll share free AWS resources from foundational level to expert level.
I am a senior cloud consultant and I find myself, as many of my peers, impacted by the technological evolution that allows us all to easily play, learn, and create with AI models. Regardless of your role or position within an organization, it is crucial to stay informed about the evolving technology landscape and prepare for the future. The International Monetary Fund, IMF, predicts that AI will affect around 40 percent of jobs around the world.

Where to start with generative AI in AWS?

Two typical places to find digital AWS training:
  • AWS Skill Builder - AWS online learning center. You may find both free and under subscription based content.
  • AWS Workshops - hands-on available for you to follow by yourself or in one of the AWS hosted events (such as AWS re:Invent, AWS Summit, Immersion Day, on-site Workshop or other event hosted by AWS employees).
    • Cost: Be aware that if you run the workshops in your own AWS account, you will incur costs for resource usage.
When we talk about AWS training levels, it is good to know that they have a standard:
Below, I selected a bundle of AWS courses and workshops that may help you with generative AI topics, mapped around the 4 AWS content levels. Depending on your level and your specific needs, you may choose the one(s) suited for you.
    • You are going to set up a Q topic and making further configurations that will enable Q to answer a wider variety of natural language questions. Q is QuickSight's Natural Language Query component that allows users to ask data questions in plain english and get quick answers. End users don't need any BI expertise to interact with Q.
    • ⏳ Time needed: β‰ˆ 4hours 30minutes

Going further.

Here you may find complementary resources on other platforms supported by AWS employees.
Co-developed by generative AI specialists from AWS and Andrew Ng:
    • Anyone who is familiar with Python, AWS services, and wants to learn to quickly deploy LLM apps with Amazon Bedrock.
    • ⏳ Time needed: β‰ˆ 1hour
    • This course is perfect for anyone with a background in Python ready to dive deeper into large language models and generative AI.
    • ⏳ Time needed: β‰ˆ 16hours

What's next?

Congratulations on your progress with generative AI! πŸ™Œ
I hope this article provided you with useful resources to help you get your knowledge to the next level.
AWS continuously roles out new courses and workshops around AI as part of their commitment. Amazon aims on equipping 2 million individuals with free AI training by 2025 through its new 'AI Ready' initiative. This comes in addition to AWS's dedication in offering free cloud computing skills training to 29 million individuals by 2025, which has already provided training to over 21 million people.
All the best with your generative AI journey πŸš€β˜οΈ

Additional resources:

  1. PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground