AWS Cloud Practitioner: How I Got Certified in 7 Days

AWS Cloud Practitioner: How I Got Certified in 7 Days

Passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is possible in a short time frame. Focus on consistent study, understanding concepts (not just memorization), gaining a broad overview of AWS services, and utilizing practice exams to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Published Mar 29, 2024
I'm excited to share that I recently passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam – and I did it in just a week! Sure, it was intense, but with focus and the right resources, it's very achievable. Let me walk you through how I made it happen.
My Study Blueprint
  1. Understand the Exam Guide: The AWS exam guide is your compass. It gives a clear outline of the topics covered and the level of knowledge needed. This helped shape my study plan.
  2. Neal Davis is a Game Changer: His Digital Cloud Training YouTube channel offers crystal-clear explanations of cloud concepts. Neal's videos helped me quickly grasp the essentials of AWS.
  3. Service Sweep: I did a rapid deep-dive into the major AWS services. I didn't memorize everything, but I gained a foundational understanding of the problems each service solves and their use-cases.
  4. Practice Exams are Crucial! Exampro and other online platforms provided realistic mock questions that challenged my knowledge. Identifying weak spots allowed me to focus my studies for better results.
  5. AWS Skill Builder to the Rescue: The official Cloud Practitioner course on Skill Builder was invaluable! It reinforced concepts and the mock exam at the end gave a boost of confidence.
  6. The Exam Day Mindset: Mustering courage was as important as knowledge. Taking the exam with confidence and a clear head definitely played a role in my success.
Key Takeaways
  • Consistency: Even short study sessions every day make a huge difference.
  • Understanding, not just memorizing: Focus on why and how AWS services work – that knowledge sticks.
  • Don't fear the breadth of AWS: You don't have to be an expert in everything at the start.
  • Practice exams are your friend: They reveal your strengths and weaknesses.
A Note to Beginners
If you're new to AWS, don't be intimidated. This exam is designed to build your foundational knowledge. With dedication and a strategic plan, you'll be well on your way to achieving AWS certification.
Ready to Take on the Challenge?
If my journey inspires you, I'm cheering you on! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.