Systems Operations Deep Dive Resources

Systems Operations Deep Dive Resources

The resources I share with my classroom students to dive deeper into Cloud Ops

Ted Trentler
Amazon Employee
Published Jul 5, 2024
Years ago in the dark days of the late 1900s I was working towards a networking certification and I asked a mentor of mine how to prepare for the exam. She said there is one Acronym you need to know.
RTFM. Read The Freaky Manual.
There are lots of really good self study resources out there. All of those resources are based on someone's interpretation of the documentation. AWS's documentation (https://docs.aws.amazon.com) is second none. Go straight to the source. The docs I've identified below are focused on topics in the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam Guide.
If you are brand new to the cloud there is a free 10 hour digital training course called Cloud Practitioner Essentials. Take the course and you should be ready to take the CPE foundational certification exam. These are the basics of the AWS cloud. A great intro to the AWS cloud for both technical people and business leaders. You also can also earn a Credly badge at the end of the course.
Important Learning Materials
Introduction to Systems Operations on AWS
Access Management
“jq” https://stedolan.github.io/jq/ - JQ is a commandline JSON processor.
System Discovery

CloudFormation Resources

“What is AWS CloudFormation?” Infrastructure as code is a large part of the SYSops exam and working with AWS in general. Master this topic and padawans will journey to your mountaintop seeking enlightenment.
QuickStarts. - Great example CloudFormation scricpts can be found here. Quick Starts can help you deploy popular technologies to AWS in minutes.

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