DynamoDB Deep Dive with Alex DeBrie | S03 E06 | Build On Weekly

This week, Rohini and Darko are joined by the most amazing Alex DeBrie, as we look into database storage options for dad jokes!

Darko Mesaros
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 9, 2024
Last Modified Apr 15, 2024
"Where does a dad keep his jokes? Well, of course, in a dad-a-base 🥁 ... I'm sorry.
But what I am not sorry for is bringing Alex DeBrie to the show 🥳He is joining Rohini and Darko today to take a deep dive into everything and anything DynamoDB.
Rohini, Alex and Darko on a live stream
In today's episode we are looking at the use cases of DynamoDB (and NoSQL databases), and we are building out a Rust 🦀application that retrieves and stores dad jokes in DynamoDB.
screenshot of the dadnamodb application running
Check out the code of the application we have build here

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