Migration Adventures!

Migration Adventures!

Detail about the migration adventure show on AWS twitch.

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Published Apr 29, 2024
Read time : 9 minutes
Calling all passengers on a journey to the cloud! Throughout the journey we'll explore top-notch migration strategies, containerization secrets, the wonders of serverless computing, and the art of crafting infrastructure as code. The journey will be hosted by our migration and modernization explorers and special guests, who will also answer your questions, LIVE on Twitch. Ready for departure?
  • Hosts of the show
Every week you can join in the conversation both on or off the air with your hosts, Davi, Dor Harri, Jorge, Marin, Micha, Dor and Rachida!
1/ Davi is a cloud-native enthusiast, part of the Migration and Modernization Specialist Architecture team in EMEA, based in Lisbon. He leverages his experience with container platforms and automation to help customers accelerate their cloud adoption journey. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing games.

 2/ Dor, Senior Solution Architect, is a member of the EMEA Migration and Modernization team, working with customers in harnessing the power of the cloud to architect innovate solutions, and driving business value. When not working with customers, you could find Dor on the Migration Adventures Twitch show, or traveling somewhere around the globe.
3/ Harri is a migration and modernization solution architect in AWS. He works with all type and size of customers, helping them navigate their cloud journeys by providing guidance and best practices. Sustainability is his favorite pillar from the AWS well-architected framework. Harri is seasoned industry professional with over 17 years of experience in different roles and segments.
4/ Jorge is an ex-.NET developer (what is he doing here!!!!) who has passion for IT and specially cloud tech stack. Based in Dublin (Ireland), another question on "what is he doing there!!!", is a Migration and Modernization SA. You can see him always speaking about Modernization and it is very easy to spot on his presence, he is veeery visible. Football supporter of small team called Sporting de Gijon, and its age still practicing. Loves international cuisine, traveling and time with his wife, Kittens or video-games.
5/ Marin is a Migration and Modernization Solutions Architect sub-specialized in cloud to AWS migrations. His multi-cloud expertise comes from two decades of experience working with all types and sizes of customers all over the world. As natural born extrovert, he likes to attend, speak and share his knowledge at user group meetings and conferences. Marin is also passionate gadget collector and tinkerer.
6/ Micha is an AWS Solutions Architect with a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys weekend adventures like hiking forest trails, camping under the stars, and road tripping to explore new places. When working, he enjoys diving deep with customers on solving their challenges using the cloud, and Micha’s thirst for discovery makes him a great colleague that is always ready for the next challenge. At home, Micha likes hosting game watch parties for friends fueled by grilling and friendly discussions over a good bottle of wine.
Rachida is the manager of Migration Specialist SA Manager. She’s been successfully guiding and mentoring SA to help customers into their migration journey. Her strength is her capability of explaining complex technologies in a clear and concise manner. She understands very well customers' challenges and find the best solution for them. Rachida regularly speaks at Summits and participate to ask-an-expert pods in the domain. And as you can see in the picture, a Linux big fan!
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, reach out to us. Feel free to send us an email at: emea-mm-twitch@amazon.com
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Come learn live with us! We stream fortnightly on Thursday at 12am CET. Check us out on twitch.tv/aws 👇
Season 2:
S02E01 (15.02.2024 at 12am CET) "Accelerate customers migration onto the AWS cloud with Migration Evaluator", Host: Marin, Guest: Benoit Lotfallah
S02E02 (29.02.2024 at 12am CET) "Migration Assessment and beyond", Host(s): Harri, Guest: Khozaima Motiwala & Vikas Awasthi
S02E03 (29.02.2024 at 12am CET) "Using Generative AI for your migration and modernization", Host: Marin, Guests: Gengis Birsen & Franz Stefan
S02E04 (28.03.2024 at 11am CET) "Refactoring: Modernizing Applications on AWS", Host: Harri, Guests: Maciej Zerkowski & Gengis Birsen
S02E05 (11.04.2024 at 12am CEST) "Creating Infrastructure as Code for legacy (existing) applications", Host: Harri, Guests: Peter Giuliano & Adrian Begg
S02E06 (25.04.2024 at 12am CEST) "Simplify Modernization of your monolithic application using Amazon VPC Lattice", Host: Marin, Guests: Hemant Ahire & Sanket Nasre
S02E07 (23.05.2024 at 12am CEST) "Mapping Microsoft SQL to RDS for customer migrations onto the Cloud", Host: Marin, Guests: Benoit Lotfallah & Parijat Avasthi
S02E08 (06.06.2024 at 12am CEST) "Migrating Containerized Applications at Scale", Host: Davi, Guests: Kevin Kennedy & Kishan Dave
S02E09 (20.06.2024 at 12am CEST) "Modernize platform for diverse applications and data", Host: Marin, Guest: Pragnesh Shah
S02E10 (04.07.2024 at 12am CEST) "Migration of End User Computing", Host: Marin, Guests: Marco Sommella & Pete Fergus
S02E11 (18.07.2024 at 12am CEST) "Establish a secure communication between your on-premise and AWS environment while using AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)", Host: <pending>, Guests: Evans Tinga & Darren Harbour
S02E12 (01.08.2024 at 12am CEST) "Kickstart and accelerate your modernization journey with App2Container", Host: <pending>, Guests: Manmohit, Pal Singh & Marco Sommella
S02E13 (15.08.2024 at 12am CEST) "Modernize legacy apps using MGN, DMS and App2Container Automation Runbook post launch action", Host: <pending>, Guests: Mohamad Charaf, Michael Spence & Tim Ivanchuk
S02E14 (29.08.2024 at 12am CEST) "Tech Debt Reduction via Modernization", Host: <pending>, Guest: Vikrant Gupta
S02E15 (12.09.2024 at 12 CEST) "Experience-Based Acceleration", Host: <pending>, Guests: Bilal Shirazi & Brittany Wolfrom
S02E16 (26.09.2024 at 12am CEST) "Migration Options/MGN/Multicloud connectivity", Host: <pending>, Guest: Prashanth Nalubandhu
S02E17 (10.10.2024 at 12am CEST) "Accelerate your Migrations with Migration Hub Journeys", Host: <pending>, Guests: Mohan CV, Steven Koufoudakis & Sachin Saini
S02E18 (24.10.2024 at 12am CEST) "Well architect your migration workloads using AWS' migration lens", Host: <pending>, Guest: Khozaima Motiwala
S02E19 (31.10.2024 at 12am CEST) "GenAI EBA", Host: <pending>, Guests: Aswin Vasudevan & Dave Thibault
Season 1:
S01E01 (21.09.2023 at 11am CEST) "Introduction to AWS Migration Strategies", Host: Marin, Guests: Micha Novak &Dor Shiloni
S01E02 (28.09.2023 at 11am CEST) "Security and Compliance in AWS Migration Projects", Host: Harri, Guests: Franz Stefan, Darren Harbour, Rahul Gautam & Keerthana Ganesh
S01E03 (05.10.2023 at 11 am CEST) "Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation and AWS CDK", Host: Marin, Guests: Gengis Birsen & Rich Nason
S01E04 (12.10.2023 at 11am CEST) "Lift and Shift: Migrating On-Premises Applications to AWS", Host: Marin, Guests: Kishan Dave, Jaroslaw J. Warzecha & Evans Tinga
S01E05 (19.10.2023 at 11am CEST) "Database Migration Strategies on AWS", Host: Harri, Guest: Marco Sommella
S01E06 (26.10.2023 at 11am CEST) "Serverless Computing and AWS Lambda", Host: Marin, Guests: Adrian Begg & Peter Giuliano
S01E07 (02.11.2023 at 10am CET) "Hybrid Cloud: Extending On-Premises Infrastructure with AWS", Host: Harri, Guests: Gianfranco Turrini & Pablo Sanchez Carmona
S01E08 (09.11.2023 at 11am CET) "Migrating Java application", Hosts: Harri & Marin, Guest: Wolfgang Fuker
S01E09 (16.11.2023 at 11am CET) "Accelerate Migrate and Modernize with VMware Cloud on AWS", Host: Marin, Guests: David Levy, Martyn Storey & Bala Nair
S01E10 (23.11.2023 at 11am CET) "Unveiling the Secrets of Website Hosting", Host: Marin, Guest: Sylvain Leroy
S01E11 (30.11.2023 at 11am CET) "Managing technical debt in your journey of Modernization", Host: Harri, Guest: Sylvain Leroy, Kevin Nash & Ramon Lopez Navarez
S01E12 (07.12.2023 at 11am CET) "Predict your HPC cost on AWS, before you move the 1st workload", Host: Marin, Guest: Eran Brown
S01E13 (14.12.2023 at 11am CET) "Storage Migration", Host: Harri, Guest : Darren Harbour & Tom Tasker
Any opinions in this post are those of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of AWS.


Any opinions in this post are those of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of AWS.