AWS Tech Tales | S3 E1 | The Tale of the Missing S3 Bucket

AWS Tech Tales | S3 E1 | The Tale of the Missing S3 Bucket

In our Season 3 premiere, Matt shares some photos of his dog Ollie in a S3 bucket. But when it suddenly disappears, they troubleshoot how to prevent accidental deletions.

Matt Berk
Amazon Employee
Published May 8, 2024
Last Modified May 15, 2024

Episode Synopsis

In our Season 3 premiere, we decide to demo S3 accidental bucket deletion which is a common issue with AWS customers. Without proper protections in place, once you delete you S3 bucket it's gone forever! No support ticket or escalation can save it. So in this episode, Matt deletes his S3 bucket by mistake with photos of his dog Ollie. We explore with chat the many ways to prevent this in future including versioning, Object Lock, MFA delete, and using AWS Backup. We also talk about using S3 Storage Lens to check these settings organization-wide!

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