Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS | S02 EP19 | Lets Talk About Data

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS | S02 EP19 | Lets Talk About Data

In this show we will discuss about the Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS, ML-powered capability that is designed to empower developers and DevOps engineers to quickly detect, diagnose, and remediate a wide variety of database-related issues in Amazon RDS.

Tony Mullen
Amazon Employee
Published May 17, 2024
Todays show covered Amazon's DevOps Guru for RDS, which uses machine learning to detect anomalies in database workloads, diagnose issues, and provide recommendations to remediate problems. DevOps Guru works by analyzing performance insights data and learning the normal usage patterns. It then identifies deviations as anomalies, generates insights with details on the issue, its severity, start/end times, and offers recommendations to address the root cause.
  • DevOps Guru uses ML to detect anomalies, diagnose issues, provide recommendations
  • Analyzes performance insights data to learn normal usage patterns
  • Identifies deviations from normal patterns as anomalies
  • Generates insights with issue details like severity, timing, recommendations
A Live demo showcased how DevOps Guru surfaces anomaly insights like high database load, lock waits, long-running idle transactions, and recommendations to investigate. The tool provides graphs, analysis, and recommended steps like scaling up, adding read replicas, or fixing problematic queries. DevOps Guru complements performance insights by going beyond just surfacing metrics.
  • Demo showed anomaly insights like high load, lock waits, idle transactions
  • Provides graphs, analysis, and recommended steps to take
  • Recommendations include scaling up, read replicas, fixing queries
  • Enhances performance insights by providing deeper issue diagnosis
The cost of DevOps Guru is around $3 per month per database analyzed. While affordable, costs can increase when enabling across multiple databases/resources. The service can be easily enabled via tagging databases and integrates with notification services like SNS/EventBridge. Overall, DevOps Guru aims to provide AI/ML-powered intelligent database monitoring and recommendations as a valuable addition to a DBA's toolkit.
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Tony Mullen - Senior RDS Specialist Solutions Architect @ AWS

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Prasad Matkar - Database Specialist SA @ AWS
Tushar Ghotikar - Database Migration Specialist at AWS

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