Live Building the MongoDB Leafsteroids Game

Live Building the MongoDB Leafsteroids Game Demo | The Big Dev Theory | S3 | Ep.1 |

Stuart Clark
Amazon Employee
Published Aug 1, 2023
Last Modified Apr 19, 2024
In this episode of The Big Dev Theory on Twitch, we are joined by Domenic Frei, Software Engineer & Developer Advocate and Shane McAllister, Lead Developer Advocate from MongoDB
Journey with us at TheBigDevTheory, your ultimate destination for tech aficionados, as we delve into the exhilarating realm where MongoDB and AWS converge to shape the future of game development. Brace yourself for an immersive experience like no other, as we unveil a fully-fledged game demo meticulously crafted by harnessing the unparalleled potential of MongoDB's dynamic ecosystem and the prowess of AWS services. Our deep-dive session not only scratches the surface but provides an intricate roadmap, guiding you through the process of crafting a game demo that seamlessly merges MongoDB's Atlas App Services for streamlined development, Search for optimized data retrieval, and Charts for visualizing essential insights. But wait, there's more – we take the excitement up a notch by venturing into the realm of AWS, where scalability and reliability reign supreme. Witness the intricate choreography of deploying our Unity game demo on the versatile stage of Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, powered by the computational prowess of Amazon EC2 instances, fortified by the security of Amazon VPC's network isolation, and safeguarded by Amazon S3's fortress-like asset protection. Whether you're a seasoned developer, an aspiring tech prodigy, or an avid gaming enthusiast, our session promises to cater to your curiosity, elevate your skills, and expand your horizons. Tune in to redefine the boundaries of gaming and technology, only on TheBigDevTheory – where innovation knows no bounds.
Each episode, we chat with AWS partners and bring experts with specialized knowledge in various areas of technology to provide informative and engaging live streams that help developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools.


Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS
Du'An Lightfoot, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

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